Challenge Call

Catalysts and Connectors: Tools for the Creative Industries is the first of the MyWorld Challenge Calls led by Digital Catapult. We are delighted to share details of the nine companies that have been awarded £50,000 funding to address the industry challenge set by Industry Partner NVIDIA or the open challenge, exploring innovative tooling solutions relating to the creation, delivery and assessment of experiences. The Challenge teams will also benefit from a 16-week support programme delivered by Digital Catapult with, NVIDIA.

Collaborative Research and Development (CR&D)

As part of MyWorld’s Collaborative Research and Development (CR&D) Open Call, led by Digital Catapult, five projects have been awarded a share of £1 million. The projects represent a mix of early-stage and award-winning companies whose work is steadily gaining momentum. The projects will explore a range of ambitious ideas addressing emerging challenges from across different areas of the Creative Industries.

In collaboration with our globally recognised universities in the region, the project teams will develop an exciting mix of innovative prototypes. These prototypes will drive cutting-edge research and impact industry which will further fuel the West of England’s creative technology sector and beyond.

Live project


Six creative teams have each been awarded £45,000 to build an urban prototype that connects people to their city, thanks to Watershed’s Playable City Sandbox as part of MyWorld’s IDEAS programme. The below projects place play at the heart of the city, sparking imagination and conversation about inclusion, sustainability, surveillance and the future of cities. The prototypes will be showcased in Bristol in July 2023.

Live project

Fellowships in Residence

portrait of Ben Samuels

Ben Samuels

Fellow in Residence at Bristol Old Vic

Ben Samuels is Watershed’s Fellow in Residence as part of the MyWorld IDEAS programme. He is spending seven months in residence at Bristol Old Vic, embedded in the digital presentation of  Complicités production. This is a practical fellowship that will develop approaches to digital presentation of theatrical performance, focusing on liveness, immersion in digital formats and connecting live and digital audiences. 

portrait of joseph wilk

Joseph Wilk

Fellows in Residence at Ultraleap

Joseph Wilk is one of Watershed’s Fellows in Residence as part of the MyWorld IDEAS programme. He is spending ten months in residence at Ultraleap and the Pervasive Media Studio, prototyping hand-tracking gestures for home VR gaming. This is a practical Fellowship that will create guidance and tooling for game developers through prototyping and experimentation.

Ellie Chadwick

Fellow in Residence at Condense Reality

Ellie Chadwick, is working at Condense, in a practice-based Fellowship exploring ways of performing in their virtual venue and creating guidance for performers through experimentation and user experience research. She will also work with an Academic Fellow who is evaluating different ways of performing in Condense’s virtual venue.

Helen Brown

Fellow in Residence at Condense Reality

Helen Brown is working at Condense, but as an Academic Fellow in collaboration with the MyWorld Understanding Audiences Research team. She is focusing on evaluating different ways of performing in Condense’s virtual venue and shaping guidance for performers through experimentation and user experience research.

Shakara Thompson

Fellow in Residence at Celestial

Shakara Thompson is working at Celestial, in a practical and analytical Fellowship exploring the world of drone light shows, and the possibilities for Artificial Intelligence to influence the process of creating them, both technically and creatively.

Harry Willmott portrait

Harry Willmott

Fellow in Residence at Zero Point Motion

Harry Willmott is working at Zero Point Motion, in a practical and experimental Fellowship focused on designing and conducting user research using VR enriched with finger tracking and physiological monitoring, to understand how these features impact the user’s presence and immersion in the experience.

Portrait of Amy Rose

Amy Rose

Fellow in Residence at Air Giants

Amy Rose is working at Air Giants, in a practice-based Fellowship exploring how the context of interaction with Giant Tactile Robots shapes participant journeys, and how to devise stories that invite engagement and play.

Portrait of Clarice Hilton

Clarice Hilton

Fellow in Residence at UWE Bristol, working with Marshmallow Laser Feast and All Seeing Eye

Clarice Hilton is working at UWE Bristol, working with Marshmallow Laser Feast and All Seeing Eye, in a practical Fellowship exploring the ways in which people with different Disabilities might experience and value various modalities (such as such as type of headset, controller and environmental interaction) in location-based VR, and how this should inform the design process.