“Developing this system has been a dream ever since we started exploring these ideas. Having the support and funding to research and develop our challenge will be a game-changer for us.”
Charlie Williams

Organisation details 

Larkhall is the performance alias of Charlie Williams, a composer, pianist, and software developer creating post-classical piano works which drive live-projected algorithmic visual interpretations specific to each piece. Charlie works with Creative Producer Sarah Warden who has 17 years of experience managing creative projects. Both Charlie and Sarah are residents of Bristol’s Pervasive Media Studio, and Charlie is a member of The Studio in Bath. 

Project details

Larkhall’s challenge is to advance immersive lighting and media technologies by creating a prototype system which supports real-time immersive visual-media solutions for the performing arts.

The project will give artists more creative control and freedom over their lighting solutions in real-time without restricting them during live performances. Their prototype uses real-time adaptive artificial intelligence (AI) to autonomously create real-time projected visuals.

The prototype for this system is called Otto. Otto allows creators to mix and match their lighting needs from three options: 2D projection, immersive stage lighting, and onstage reactive light columns. The system, which Larkhall will develop over the course of the challenge, will intelligently adapt and automatically follow along to the live performance; it does not require an operator.

The product they develop will allow new forms of creative expression in live performance, having scope to support both improvised and composed music, solo or ensemble theatre, spoken word and other forms. The vision the team offers is that technology is not an element of the show separate from the performance, but it is a living, reactive part of the performance supporting and responding to the performer during each moment of the show.


Larkhall team photo