The Network that exists within the Bristol and Bath region provides the foundation that allows MyWorld to be a global centre for creative technology innovation.

MyWorld is not the first recognition of the creative technology sector strength that exists in Bristol and Bath but instead is a continuation of years of amazing work that has elevated the region to being one of the best in the world. The Network of research centres, institutes, labs and facilities that exists here enables the cutting-edge research that fuels MyWorld.

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Our Location

The West of England region that encompasses Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas is geographically small, allowing for an amazing density in the network here. But more than that, the region is a unique one. An area famed for thinking differently, for being creative, for being daring, for exploring paths in a way that locations like London don’t. It is this culture, combined with the network density and creative technology strength found here, that makes this region so special and makes MyWorld possible.  

Map of MyWorld Region

Research Network

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Art Research Centre (ARC)

Bath Spa University

Comprising artists, artistic researchers, makers, curators and critical writers, the ARC has a broad reach across the field of contemporary art practice and theory. Learn more

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Bristol Digital Futures Institute (BDFI)

University of Bristol

BDFI's mission is to transform the way new digital technology is created whilst striving toward an inclusive, prosperous and sustainable society. Learn more

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Bristol Photography

University of the West of England

Explores broad aspects of the photographic discourse, including photographic methodologies and practices and photographic objects and technologies. Learn more

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Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BLR)

University of the West of England

BLR is a collective of 450 academics, researchers and industry practitioners that together are world leaders in current thinking on service robotics, intelligent autonomous systems and bio-engineering. Learn more

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Bristol Vision Institute (BVI)

University of Bristol

The home of vision science research in Bristol, stimulating research interaction and collaboration in science, engineering, arts and medicine. Learn more

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Centre for Autonomous Robotics (CENTAUR)

University of Bath

Six core themes spanning the entire breadth of frontier robotics innovation working to create a new generation of robotic systems that centralise core values of robustness, intelligence, flexibility & interconnectedness Learn more

Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries (CCCI)

Bath Spa University

CCCI acts as a central point of contact for interdisciplinary research that engages arts, culture, humanities, science, and technology. Learn more

Centre for Digital Entertainment (CDE)

University of Bath

A well-established EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training based across Bath and Bournemouth University. They offer outstanding academic-industry partnership opportunities for those with an animation, VFX and games focus. Learn more

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Creative Economies Lab

University of the West of England

Exploring how people, places, organisations and things are connected to develop a better, more hopeful future for creative work, underpinned by real-world experimentation and critical conceptual enquiry. Learn more

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Creative Technologies Lab (CT Lab)

University of the West of England

The CT Lab is an interdisciplinary research group that aims to create and evaluate seamless interfaces between people and technology, to enhance human perception and creative expression. Learn more

Crossmodal Cognition Lab (CCL)

University of Bath

CCL’s research looks to inform the development of new methods to help people with various impairments in everyday life, aiming to improve the multi-sensory experience of virtual reality and virtual environments for all. Learn more

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Digital Cultures Research Centre (DCRC)

University of the West of England

DCRC pursues a dynamic research agenda centred on technology, architecture and social sciences through a mix of creative, applied and critical work. Learn more

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Digital Lives

University of Bath

Investigating how and why people or groups interact with digital technology and the psychological impact this might have on their lives. Learn more

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Document and Location Research Group

University of the West of England

Investigating how our understanding of place is directly formed through how locations are recorded and subsequently narrated by different disciplines, and how the identity of place is created through its representation. Learn more

Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications (CAMERA)

University of Bath

The centre carries out world-leading research in intelligent visual and interactive technology, using multi-disciplinary academic and partner expertise from across the creative visual landscape. Learn more

Human Computer Interaction (the CREATE Lab)

University of Bath

Conducting research on the design and evaluation of mobile and ubiquitous technologies. It is directed by Professor Danaë Stanton Fraser. Learn more

Intercultural Communication Through Practice

Bath Spa University

Centralising themes of memory and identity to determine how the creative process engages with place, space and time, the Group explores how cultural heritage is shared across borders and transmitted through art. Learn more

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Moving Image Research Group

University of the West of England

Moving Image research group represents the full range of moving image exploration including in media industries, screen cultures and screen media practice research Learn more

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Narrative and Emerging Technology Lab (NET)

Bath Spa University

Explores the role of emerging technologies in developing new forms of experiential storytelling and audience engagement, through digital fiction, audio, performance, film, games and immersive media technologies. Learn more

Pervasive Media Studio

University of Bristol, UWE

The Pervasive Media Studio hosts a brilliant community of over 100 artists, creative companies, technologists and academics exploring experience design and creative technology. Learn more

Pre-incubation & Incubation Business Support

University of Bristol

QTEC is a pre-incubator facilitating the development of UK-based quantum & deep technology start-ups. SETSquared is a world-leading business incubator supporting early stage, high growth tech to grow their business Learn more

Research and Enterprise Division (RED)

University of Bristol

Supporting activities that create the culture, reputation, and impact that define the University of Bristol. DREI provide advice, guidance and support across the research and enterprise found at the University. Learn more

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Research Centre for Transcultural Creativity and Education (TRACE)

Bath Spa University

Offering an unparalleled contribution to the intercultural map of creativity across the globe. Their mission is to enable the formation of new knowledge across cultures of creativity and education. Learn more

Smart Internet Lab

University of Bristol

Working to address grand societal and industrial challenges. It is led by Professor Dimitra Simeonidou and has facilities that support cutting-edge research in optical and wireless communications in Bristol. Learn more

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Sound Arts and Visual Music Research Group

Bath Spa University

Centralising the relationships between sound, image and music forged in contemporary practice through new technologies, methods and tools. They analyse and evaluate the definitions of both ‘sound’ and 'music'. Learn more

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The Centre for Media Research

Bath Spa University

Supports socially engaged media research, exploring today’s social, community and environmental issues through film media and creative computing. It brings together professionals from across the creative ecosystem. Learn more

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The Material: Art: Science: Environment: Research (MASER)

Bath Spa University

A collaborative project involving major creative hubs, working at the intersection of art and science. Works to continuously reconsider and re-evaluate methodologies within the scientific and creative exploratory spaces. Learn more

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The Quantum Technologies Innovation Centre (QTIC)

University of Bristol

The Quantum Technologies Innovation Centre (QTIC) offers dedicated facilities and support services for quantum and deep tech companies to launch, grow and connect. Learn more

The Real and Virtual Environments Augmentation Lab (REVEAL)

University of Bath

An interdisciplinary group of researchers from Computer Science, Engineering, Psychology and Health backgrounds who work at the interface of virtual, augmented and physical experience Learn more

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The Studio at Palace Yard Mews

Bath Spa University

A co-working hub for enterprise and innovation, providing space for local micro-businesses, students and alumni from Bath Spa University to work on projects that focus on creativity and technology. Learn more

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University Enterprise Zone (UEZ)

University of the West of England

A world-class research facility acting as a space for a thriving community of start-ups, fast-growth businesses, graduate entrepreneurs and cooperative research in the high-tech, robotics, digital and health-tech sectors Learn more

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Visual Computing

University of Bath

The Visual Computing Research Group works across understandings of computer vision and computer graphics. Learn more

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Visual Culture Research Group (VDRG)

University of the West of England

Generating new knowledge & innovative methodologies putting practitioners into conversation with writers. Exploring various strands incl visualising histories, life stage research, cultural education and clothing culture Learn more

Visual Information Laboratory (VI Lab)

University of Bristol

Undertaking innovative, collaborative and interdisciplinary research resulting in world-leading technology in the areas of computer vision, image and video communications, content analysis and distributed sensor systems. Learn more