The research production studios available through MyWorld in Bristol and Bath provide the absolute cutting edge in studio space to enable businesses to accelerate their research and development.  

When combined with the latest equipment including haptic suits, 8K cameras, head mounted displays, LIDAR scanner and a range of production software, it means MyWorld facilities are genuinely world class.

Explore the production studios and equipment we have available for research and development in Bristol and Bath below and come shape the future of your industry.



Our partners

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“The possibilities arising from the R&D into various productions pipelines being delivered through MyWorld are so exciting. There is an opportunity to help break down production barriers of cost, access to specialised facilities and skills and to enable producers of all backgrounds and resources to engage with these new processes and products. As well as funding research projects, MyWorld is investing in a range of production facilities and equipment to try and build capacity in the West of England and make sure that our region’s truly amazing producers can get access and grow our already stellar reputation for great quality creative content and research."
Oscar De Mello, MyWorld Operations Director