MyWorld’s research focus enables us to embed research and development (R&D) culture at scale, across the creative technology sector, extending horizons and reducing risks.

Ideas development can consume 20% of effort in a small business and major challenges exist for businesses of all sizes preventing them from investing in, and benefiting from, R&D. MyWorld’s university partners provide R&D expertise and facilities that companies can easily engage with, creating a unique co-development environment that would otherwise be impossible, allowing innovation-led growth for all the businesses engaging in our network. 

MyWorld’s research is focused around the highly inter-related areas of content creation, capture delivery and consumption – the Creative Continuum. This focus allows us to drive innovation across all stages of the content lifecycle. Each of the MyWorld research focus areas detailed below explore the different stages of the Creative Continuum through integrated academic-industry collaborations by world-leading organisations, in an established collaborative R&D network. This generates new knowledge and confidence to exploit technical advances, allowing companies to access knowledge, lead innovation and create and maintain a competitive advantage in their industry.  

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Dave Bull

Dave Bull FIET, FIEEE is Director of MyWorld and leads the programme as we look to pioneer new digital formats and technologies, creating innovative experiences across fiction, documentary, games, and live performance. As well this he is Professor of Signal Processing at the University of Bristol and Director of Bristol Vision Institute (BVI), a venture he co-founded in 2007. BVI is a virtual research institute and has been highly successful in stimulating research interaction and collaboration in vision science and engineering.

He also leads the Visual Information Laboratory, a research group within the Faculty of Engineering at Bristol and was previously a Lecturer at the University of Wales (Cardiff) and Systems Engineer for Rolls Royce. He holds a BSc (Exeter, 1st class), an MSc (Manchester, Distinction) and PhD (Cardiff) and was Head of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Bristol from 2001-06.

His work specialises in visual communications, coding and computer vision. He has won many prizes, including the 2017 IEEE Video Compression Grand Challenge, and Premium awards for his papers. He has published numerous patents, several of which have been exploited commercially. He has published over 450 papers, various articles and 2 books, most recently Communicating Pictures, published by Academic Press.

In 2001 Dave co-founded ProVision Communication Technologies Ltd. which is best known for producing the world’s first in-home multi-room wireless HDTV sender. In 2011 ProVision was acquired by Global Invacom.

In 1996 he helped to establish the UK DTI Virtual Centre of Excellence in Digital Broadcasting and Multimedia Technology and was one of its Directors from 1997-2000. He was also a founder member of the UK’s MoD Defence Technology Centre in Data and Information Fusion, serving on its Science and Technology Board. He was an independent member of UK Government’s Defence Scientific Advisory Council (DSAC) in 2002, contributing to the UK(MoD)-US(DoD) Working Group on Persistent Surveillance (2004). He has also advised Government through membership of the UK Foresight Panel and HEFCE REF2014. Throughout his career, Dave has acted as a consultant to many companies, universities and governments. He has also been a DTI Distinguished Professor.

Professor David Bull

The Creative Continuum

“The Creative Continuum is both a philosophy and a way of working. It covers a lot of things that people in the creative sector often think of as being either discrete elements or as an end-to-end process. Creation, production, delivery and consumption are, in fact, highly interdependent.”

Professor David Bull, MyWorld Programme Director


The Creative Continuum, at the heart of MyWorld’s research, applies not only to the process of content creation but also the different perspectives and skill sets that are needed to deliver it, resulting in innovative capture, delivery, measurement and tooling for the creative industries.

That might mean computer scientists working with psychologists and ethicists to deliver immersive VR experiences that address privacy concerns. Or a start-up pioneer making use of the specialist expertise of PhD students to find ways for an entertainment company to better engage with their audiences, for example. Such collaborative projects cannot successfully build the next generation of audience experiences without cross-disciplinary teams working together to solve challenges across technology, tooling, media types, formats and narrative.

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Creative Continuum Diagram

People involved

Adrienne portrait

Adrienne Noonan

Director of Partnerships, School of Arts – UWE Bristol

Ana portrait

Ana Levordashka

PDRA - University of Bath

Angeliki portrait

Angeliki Katsenou

Senior Lecturer in Networked Media - University of Bristol

Anonymous AI headshot

Dimitra Simeonidou

Professor and Director of Smart Internet Lab - University of Bristol

Anonymous AI headshot

Charlotte Butler

PhD - University of Bath

Anonymous AI headshot

Crispian Morris

PhD - University of Bristol

Danaë portrait

Danaë Stanton Fraser

Professor of Human Computer Interaction - University of Bath

Anonymous AI headshot

Drew MacQuarrie

Lecturer, Department of Computer Sciences - University of Bristol

Anonymous AI headshot

Chen Feng

PhD - University of Bristol

Aaron Zhang Portrait

Aaron Zhang

Lecturer in Visual Communications - University of Bristol

Felix portrait

Felix Carter

PDRA - University of Bristol

Adrian portrait

Adrian Azzarelli

Doctoral Researcher - University of Bristol

Ho Man Kwan portrait

Ho Man Kwan

PhD student - University of Bristol

Iain portrait

Iain Gilchrist

Professor of Neuropsychology - University of Bristol

Anonymous AI headshot

Adam Hartshorne

PDRA - University of Bath

Ildi portrait

Ildi Fogel

Project Coordinator, Smart Internet Lab - University of Bristol

Jo portrait

Jo Gildersleve

Project Manager - University of Bristol

Anonymous AI headshot

Siyuan Gou

PhD - University of Bath

Ge Gao portrait

Ge Gao

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Visual Communications - University of Bristol

Kate Pullinger

Kate Pullinger

Professor of Creative Writing and Digital Media - Bath Spa University

Kirsten portrait

Kirsten Cater

Professor, Department of Computer Science - University of Bristol

Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose

Professor, Documentary and Digital Cultures - UWE

Anonymous AI headshot

Marina De Vos

Director of Training at ART-AI - University of Bath

David Bull Portrait

David Bull

MyWorld Programme Director. Professor of Signal Processing - University of Bristol

Jakub portrait

Jakub Nawala

PDRA - University of Bristol

Mike portrait

Mike Richardson

PDRA - University of Bath

Naomi Smyth

Naomi Smyth

Creative Technologist - Bath Spa University

Anderson portrait

Anderson Bravalheri

Senior Research Associate Smart Internet Lab - University of Bristol

Neill Campbell Portrait

Neill Campbell

Professor, Department of Computer Science - University of Bath

Anonymous AI headshot

Obed Samano Abonce

PDRA - University of Bristol

Pui portrait

Pui Anantrasirichai

Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science - University of Bristol

Rachel Pownall

Rachel Pownall

Innovation Manager for MyWorld - Bath Spa University

Anonymous AI headshot

Ruth Farrar

Reader in Creative Media & Enterprise - Bath Spa University

Anonymous AI headshot

Murray Evans

Systems Engineer - University of Bath

Anonymous AI headshot

Justin Worsey

PDRA - University of Bristol

Wenbin portrait

Wenbin Li

Assistant Professor - University of Bath

Anonymous AI headshot

Xinyi Wang

PhD student Visual Information Laboratory - University of Bristol

Yuxuan Jiang portrait

Yuxuan Jiang

PhD student - University of Bristol

Anonymous AI headshot

Zhaozhou Wu

PhD - University of Bristol

Anonymous AI headshot

Zihao Qi

PhD student, Bristol Vision Institute - University of Bristol