What is Glory Mold?

Welcome to 2349. For hundreds of years, the people of Earth have relied on Glory Mold to make their decisions, whether global conflict or personal drama. Part slime mold, part AI, Glory Mold has been incorporated into every aspect of life – but now, she’s disappearing. An installation chronicling her life and impact made by the hottest curator of the 2340s is coming soon to a venue near you. How has Glory Mold shaped our world? What does her fusion of organic and artificial intelligences provide? How can she be decaying? What will we do without her? This exhibit will answer all of your questions – and pose new ones.

A speculative fiction installation created by Produced Moon and produced by Studio Areté, Glory Mold is an investigation of alternate intelligences. Featuring an interactive AI character influenced by real-time organic data, as well as artefacts from our imagined future, the Glory Mold experience aims to playfully challenge current conversations in business and academia around the role of AI and humans’ relationship with the living, organic world.