What is How (Not) to Get Hit by a Self-driving Car?

In this intervention, passers-by are challenged to avoid being detected as humans by an AI-powered image recognition system. With the help of a machine learning model, a camera tries to detect human activity every three seconds. Anyone can join a game where they try to go from the beginning to the end of the court without being detected.

The cities we live in are starting to see us back as surveillance cameras become smarter and self-driving cars become more prevalent. This project invites the public to explore the sometimes problematic nature of biases in machine learning through playful exploration.

An insight Tomo Kihara + Playfool 

The project is a collaboration between Tomo Kihara and Playfool (Dan and Saki Coppen). With a focus on play, their practice in Japan and overseas centres around designing tools that foster creativity and making artistic interventions that engage with urban space and society. They have been exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum (London, 2022), Ars Electronica (Linz, 2020), and more.