"We're thrilled to receive MyWorld funding for our game tech project, which will help bring death to boring NPCs. No more lore dumps, no more generic barks, no more rigid dialogue trees. Our vision is for "Active Agents" that can improvise meaningful conversation for every playthrough - while also serving the creative vision of game devs. Plus, it will pave the way for more accessible and diverse gaming experiences. This is ChatGPT for games... and then some."
Meaning Machine

Organisation details 

Meaning Machine is a games company that believes in the power of GPT-style AI to supercharge creativity and accessibility.

They’re making this happen by building tech for game developers, and by creating games that explore how this technology can transform play. To learn more please visit Meaning Machine’s website.

Project details

Working with NVIDIA, Meaning Machine is helping game developers push the barriers of creativity and accessibility through GPT-style AI.

Their MyWorld project, “Active Agent” NPC Tooling, helps developers move away from rigid, pre-defined in-game characters (NPCs) and towards the concept of “Active Agents” – who can engage in freeform, improvised conversations that are meaningful to every player’s playthrough.

Their technology gives developers the tools to tightly direct these conversations – so that they enhance the overall creative vision, rather than detract from it. All while respecting player privacy and studio data.