"GroundWaves is excited to be part of the MyWorld Challenge, developing our innovative haptic calibration tool. Haptics is the key next-step in achieving a fully immersive VR/AR experience, and our tool will enable music-lovers and gamers to achieve the best experience possible. Our MyWorld project forms part of our wider GroundWaves Haptic programme – launching with our bespoke haptic sneaker range later this year. Watch this space!"
GroundWaves CEO and Founder, Nick Inoue.

Organisation details 

GroundWaves is a developer of innovate haptic actuators, the core piece of technology that links the virtual with the physical world.

Project details

GroundWaves is developing an innovative haptic calibration tool that enables an enhanced haptic experience.

Whether you are experiencing a hybrid live-music event or a game. Their calibration routine, ensures you get the highest fidelity haptics, whilst reassuring forthcoming haptic artists that their content will be delivered in a repeatable way.

This project is to design the embedded hardware and prototype a user-driven app required for haptic calibration.

Their calibration tool will be integrated into GroundWaves haptic sneakers, which will transform the way people consume music and other collective experiences, through virtual and augmented reality.