"Lux Aeterna is hugely excited to be awarded the Open Call R&D funding. As part of a thriving and supportive creative industries in Bristol and the South West, we look forward to sharing our results with the wider VFX community.

The funding will enable us to create powerful AI generative and procedural toolsets within the VFX pipeline. These toolsets will be key to the VFX industry with regard to workflow efficiencies and empowering VFX artists.

In recent years there has been a surge in demand for high end VFX. It is Lux Aeterna's intention to continue to compete at the highest level globally as well as establishing Bristol and the South West as a world class VFX hot spot."
Lux Aeterna

Organisation detailsĀ 

Lux Aeterna is a multi-BAFTA and Emmy award-winning independent visual effects (VFX) studio working with clients across the globe to craft rich, evocative visuals for TV, film and more.

With a world-class VFX pipeline, Lux Aeterna takes projects from concept art to screen, offering a creative partnership and collaborating closely with clients to achieve the very best in VFX across film and television.

Lux Aeterna is built on more than 25 years of experience and comprises a team of talented VFX artists and passionate storytellers.

Project details

Working with NVIDIA, Lux Aeterna proposes bringing the power of generative artificial intelligence (AI) to their 3D VFX tools, to create a malleable exchange between these two worlds that can be applied to a wide range of use cases to provide a new way to generate and improve assets and achieve unique visuals.

Generative AI is artificial intelligence that uses complex algorithms and neural networks to generate new content that is similar in style and composition to the data that it has been trained on. These tools have made a massive impact on the creative industry over the last 12 months and include DALLĀ·E, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion among others.

Lux Aeterna see a lot of potential in these technologies to enhance and extend our visual effects (VFX) and CGI capabilities.

The team propose the development of a toolkit of AI models designed to be used in many different processes across VFX work, alongside this they will develop and document the techniques and processes involved to use these models effectively.