What is Fireflies, a Glitch by Screaming Color and Arcane?

Fireflies, a Glitch by Screaming Color and Arcane is next-generation street art brought to life through augmented reality (AR). Founders Glitch AR are creating a transformative experience that turns Bristol’s streets into a colourful, sci-fi-infused digital jungle awash with spectacular visuals and music from local artists.

This will be a location-specific experience where virtual content can interact directly with the audience’s physical environment. This will allow Glitch AR to take a prominent Bristol landmark and turn it into the centrepiece of a transformational immersive music experience, with no app required. Everything is delivered via a web page on the user’s phone or tablet.

Buildings will be reimagined and the streets taken over. Colourful, awe-inspiring art positioned in every direction and all set to music that makes people want to dance.

An insight into Glitch AR

Glitch AR is a new studio focused on building connections between physical and digital realities. The team includes Emmy Nominated XR producer and ex-head of Immersive Entertainment for NBCUniversal Michael Salmon and founder of Bath-based interactive media studio Whiley & Co. Ossian Whiley.  Welcome to the Jungle is a collaboration with award-winning metaverse artist Screaming Color whose virtual worlds have been displayed at many international film festivals including Venice and SXSW