What is Immersive Feedback Using Inertial Sensors?

This project will aim to start a new project on fine motion finger tracking and heart monitoring via ballistocardiography with a single sensor. Through this physiological data, they hope to provide creatives with an insight into the immersion or emotional state of the user. The team is led by Founder and CEO, Dr Lia Li, a 2022 recipient of InnovateUK’s Women in Innovation Award. 

An insight into Zero Point Motion

Zero Point Motion is a start-up commercialising a new disruptive type of inertial sensor that uses photonics to achieve ultra-low noise tracking of motion, improving positioning accuracy by over 100x compared to existing sensors inside smartphones, cars or game controllers. 


More about the collaboration

The team from the University of the West of England (UWE) have expertise in integrated sensors, robotics, eXtended Reality (XR), and sustainable development. The Digital Engineering Lab at UWE is a modern lab that includes state-of-the-art equipment such as the Cyber-Physical Factory, the Virtual Reality Cave, the vision system space, and modern simulators. This lab is a perfect place to experiment the digital transformation towards industry 4.0.