What is EqualMotion – Accessible Motion Capture for the Creative Industries?

The EqualMotion project tackles a critical barrier in creative industries: inaccessible motion capture technology. Existing solutions often fall short, excluding diverse body types and limiting broad participation in the creative arts. This project aims to bridge this gap, developing inclusive motion capture that empowers everyone to express themselves creatively. By developing innovative motion capture solutions, the project not only fuels business growth but also elevates the UK’s standing as a global creative industries leader. It promises to foster job creation, encourage knowledge sharing, and contribute to the development of cutting-edge immersive experiences.

An insight into x-io Technologies

x-io Technologies is a world-leader in the development of motion sensing devices and inertial measurement units, having published open-source algorithms and devices used in thousands of projects.

More about the collaboration

In this project, x-io will team up with experts at the University of the West of England, MiMU Gloves Limited, the dance company Candoco, and musician Kris Halpin to co-design, develop and evaluate EqualMotion: an inclusive, high-performance wearable motion capture system. x-io Technologies and the University of the West of England are excited to embark on the EqualMotion project. Together they will develop inclusive motion capture that empowers individuals of all body types to fully express their creativity.