What is Implicit Neural Representations for Volumetric Video Workflows?

Condense has developed the technology to capture and live-stream real-world content into virtual spaces. Volumetric video can be live-streamed into unique virtual venues to a global audience, creating brand-new immersive experiences and revenue streams through ticketing, sponsorship and merchandise. This project aims to refine volumetric video delivery systems through the utilisation of Implicit Neural Representations (INRs).

An insight into Condense

Condense’s mission is to bring live events to audiences everywhere. They’ve created the premium platform for live events – Studio 5 – to bring authentic content into virtual worlds. Powered by volumetric video, you can create incredible 3D content instantly and live-stream to mobile, PC, web, consoles, VR and AR. Their aim to create the best experiences for artists, creators and fans around the world.

More about the collaboration

By tackling hardware constraints and visual anomalies, the goal of this collaboration is to elevate efficiency, scalability, and quality within immersive video applications. The project endeavours to streamline workflows and pioneer advancements in volumetric video representation technology.