What is Game Conscious™ Characters?

Over the last two decades, video game developers have strived to create immersive worlds that react dynamically to player actions. Titles like GTA V, Assassin’s Creed, Cyberpunk 2077, and Starfield have pioneered vast, open environments where players can explore freely and the game world responds realistically. However, one area that lags behind is the conversations players can have with NPCs (non-player characters). As games offer more possibilities to the player, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to hand-write dialogue for every single scenario. And so, whenever players go off script, characters start to exhibit “an immersion-breaking lifelessness” (GamesIndustry.Biz). Meaning Machine‘s “Game Conscious”™ technology gives developers the power to generate NPC dialogue for any situation, in real-time. It combines game data with advanced AI to ensure that NPCs can adapt their script to anything the player does – even when the player does something totally unexpected.

An insight into Meaning Machine

Meaning Machine was founded by award-winning game designer Thomas Keane, and conversational AI technologist Ben Ackland. They’re passionate believers in the power of new technology to inspire bold new types of gameplay. The advent AI has the potential to kickstart a golden age of creative experimentation – as long as creative people remain at the helm. Their vision is to inspire game developers to join them on this journey – and collectively push the video game medium to new heights.

More about the collaboration

This project, in partnership with the University of Bristol, involves three phases of research and development – each one increasing our characters’ degrees of “consciousness”. The aim is to revolutionise game development in the UK, by enabling studios to create truly dynamic characters – for the very first time. In turn, we see this project a major opportunity to position the West of England as a leader in generative AI in gaming, and to drive significant regional growth.

Meaning Machine says: “We’re thrilled to receive support for our “Game Conscious”™ Character technology. We’re on a mission to make game characters as dynamic and interesting as the worlds they inhabit – and this extended phase of R&D will make it possible.”