What is Advanced Research Into the Integration of Volumetric Capture Techniques in the Virtual Production Workflow?

Distortion Creative Group (DCG) in partnership with CAMERA at the University of Bath, are conducting a feasibility study into the integration of volumetric capture – a technique that captures a three-dimensional moving object – into Extended Reality (XR) and Virtual Production (VP) workflows. Existing volumetric capture solutions are currently not fit for purpose in the commercial environment. This is the R&D gap that DCG intend to fill.

The study will build on new forms of production they’ve spearheaded over the last 3 years, which have taken the events, music, film and television industries by storm. XR and VP techniques allow real-time graphics engines to be brought to life, such as Unreal Engine into the world of live events and film production. XR and VP is the integration of 3D camera tracking using devices such as ‘RedSpy’ to understand where the camera is within 3D space.

DCG has been using this technology in their commercial projects since 2020 and have since used the technology in their VP workflow for everything from university lectures to narrative films. After being tasked with a similar integrative solution in 2022, they found that more dedicated research was needed to find a viable solution.

This funding will allow DCG to advance their research and test the capability of incorporating real human interaction into these virtual worlds or ‘metaverses’. Live interaction is imperative to the success of new immersive experiences. This feasibility study will elevate the South West’s regional reputation as a centre of excellence for this new development in the creative industry.

An insight into Distortion Creative Group

Distortion Creative Group’s expertise lies in virtual production, enabling them to produce stunning in camera visual effects and captivating environments for film, television, and other media. They are a team of award-winning live and film production innovators with over 20 years of experience. They are masters in Unreal Engine with an in-house trained team of immersive content specialists as well as a global network of talent and resources to realise creative vision.

More about the collaboration

This project will be spearheaded by Jonathan Brigden, Steve Garratt, and Nick Diacre, who will use their vast technical and creative capabilities to bring this research and development project to life.

Distortion Creative Group says: “This funding is instrumental to helping us realise our creative vision for the South West region, and allows us to play our part in providing innovative solutions for the technical and creative challenges associated with immersive integrated technology. We are extremely thankful for this opportunity to work alongside the creative minds at the University of Bath, and learn from each other’s collaboration in the process. We hope to produce viable and novel workflows that can be integrated into virtual production and extended reality projects, changing the future face of immersive media.”