What is Crip* Intelligence?

A serious game where disability destroys or rescues AI Foundation Models from the companies controlling them through a crip-rebellion, an AI resistance of care, intelligences and crip-fantasy. Creating disability justice tests that score the ethics of common AI foundation models. Based on table top role playing games, groups of players will test models’ knowledge and perception of disability, for example targeting a customer support chatbot. By making visible the inherent bias and prejudice constantly replicated in these systems, players will explore creative and playful responses to how they might ‘rescue’ them. By inverting techno-solutionism, the idea that technology will fix disability, Crip Intelligence’s starting point is that disability could save society from technology.


*Crip is a term that we, along with some of our community, have reclaimed through disability scholarship, culture and activism. You can read about Crip reclamation here: https://nowthenmagazine.com/articles/crip-a-story-of-reclamation