What is Street Pixel?

Street Pixel is a simple idea that uses creative technology, game design and a sustainable approach to materials and electronic hardware that transforms the built environment into something that is both inviting and playful.

With a network of modules that replace existing paving slabs, Street Pixel transforms the pavement beneath your feet into a dynamic system of lights; drawing a path in front of you, linking you to another person or inviting you to play a game. Street Pixel is being developed with the general public and the environment in mind. It is a project that celebrates creative technology and a sustainable approach to materials and electronic hardware and we will be searching for sustainable solutions and opportunities at every step of the way.

Street Pixels respond to your presence and actions, welcoming you into an immersive experience that connects you to your environment and other people in it. By integrating Street Pixels into the urban landscape, the act of moving through the city becomes an opportunity for communication, connection and play with the people and buildings around you- whether you’re a local resident looking for a new way to experience your city or a visitor seeking a unique and memorable experience.

An insight into Biome Collective

Biome Collective is an interdisciplinary studio dedicated to pushing the boundaries of playful media. Over the last decade their projects have been redefining the relationship between audiences and public spaces with experiences and interventions that combine game design with unique hardware.

Their work has transformed architecture and cultural spaces into responsive artworks- accessible and dynamic environments that break down barriers and create playful opportunities between these spaces and the public. Biome see huge opportunities to support and improve social dynamics and mental health in urban environments using creative and sustainable solutions that engage people with each other and their environments.