"We’re delighted to receive funding from MyWorld and Digital Catapult to help us progress the Future Places Toolkit from a tech demonstrator to a fully-operational prototype for the architectural planning sector. The Zubr team is very much looking forward to working closely with Uninvited Guests to realise this very unique offering and get it into the hands of architects, artists and citizens."
Jack Norris, Director, Zubr.co

Organisation details 

Zubr.co and Uninvited Guests. The project is led by Zubr, a specialist AR and VR development studio which has successfully delivered over 250 immersive projects over the last eight years. Creative direction will be from Uninvited Guests, a performance company with over 25 years experience of using creative technologies to engage audiences and enable them to participate.

Project details

Future Places Toolkit will be a powerful and flexible augmented reality (AR) application for use in participatory architectural design and creative consultation. By combining augmented reality with real-time participant feedback, it will be possible to see live drawings, 3D models, and plans overlaid onto existing buildings, allowing discussions with communities to take place in situ where a development is proposed.

Architects, planners, consultants and citizens can see their ideas visualised immediately around them using only mobile devices; inspiring ideas generation and discussion. The toolkit has the potential to disrupt the status quo within the planning sector. Architects and their clients could share their designs sooner, engaging the community directly to achieve wider dissemination and better feedback. Communities will benefit by participating in the planning process in a considerably more meaningful way, through digitally dissecting, amending, feeding back, counter-proposing and ultimately endorsing plans.