What is MetaversEngine?

Awarri are developing a cross-platform avatar system that allows users to commission avatars from 3D artists and uses NFT technology to give users control over their identity, representation, appearance and personal data in virtual worlds.

In partnership with Verity McIntosh, a researcher and senior lecturer in Virtual and Extended Realities, and Director of the VR Lab at the University of the West of England (UWE) and other researchers at UWE, we will explore the creative, technical and societal implications of avatar systems in the context of an emergent ‘metaverse’.

Verity will conduct interdisciplinary literature review and sector audits to scrutinise existing technologies, protocols and standards and also contribute to the co-design process with industry partners by facilitating development workshops and user studies.

Findings from this research will inform policy development and learnings from product development will support others within the creative tech community to manifest a more inclusive, user-empowered and equitable future.


An insight into Awarri

Awarri is a company dedicated to building frontier technology that can be deployed globally to inspire, entertain and educate for a fairer and more equitable world.

Awarri is founded by Silas Adekunle, a serial technology entrepreneur. He is an AR and Metaverse pioneer credited with inventing the world’s first gaming robot called MekaMon, a platform that combines Robotics and AR to deliver immersive gaming experiences that straddle physical and virtual worlds.

In 2019, Awarri acquired the MekaMon assets to position itself as a key player in the Metaverse and immersive technology industry and has continued research activities in these field, with various products in development.

Awarri is committed to the democratisation of effective technology tools into educational settings on the African continent and has collaborated with various organisations such as Union Bank over the last 2 years in Nigeria, to search for and train outstanding students between the ages of 11 – 16 in AI and Robotics, preparing them for the future of work whilst at the same time creating employment opportunities for university graduates in Nigeria.

More about the collaboration

Verity McIntosh is a researcher and senior lecturer in Virtual and Extended Realities at the University of the West of England.

Her research focuses on inclusive design, the ethics of presence, and the simulation of risk. Verity has written and spoken about immersive tech and the ‘metaverse’ around the world, including recent features with BBC World Service, ITV News and The Sunday Times. She recently co-authored an influential Institute of Engineering and Technology report ‘Safeguarding the metaverse’ with Catherine Allen from Limina Immersive. The report has been discussed in the UK’s House of Commons and House of Lords, and by the EU Parliament. She is currently supporting policymakers in developing the UK’s forthcoming Online Safety Bill.

Verity also runs a pioneering industry-led, practice-based Master’s programme in Virtual and Extended Realities, offering students the opportunity to develop their craft as immersive storytellers, and critically engaging with the politics, business and culture of this emerging field.