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We offer a range of creative technology courses for those currently in the industry and beyond. Immersive and interactive technologies are becoming more and more ubiquitous and so the courses we offer are also in demand by those specialising in architecture and construction, interior design, engineering, tourism, marketing and healthcare to name a few. And all are welcome.  

Courses are available on the latest creative technology including cameras, software, head-mounted displays and more, to ensure the knowledge is available to those that need it. Our courses are frequently updated so check back to see what else becomes available. 

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This Games Technology for Industry Skills Bootcamp introduces games development and how games technology powers engaging, immersive experiences in the games industry and beyond. It was developed in collaboration between senior, ex-games industry academics and the game studios and start-ups that have spun out of the Foundry at UWE Bristol.

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This bootcamp introduces games development and how to create immersive, entertainment experiences in context of what makes game products engaging and commercially successful. The first half of the course is designed to build professional skills and software competency. The second half specialises in the development of a "vertical slice" game demo for prospective employers from commercial studios as a portfolio piece, or to form the basis of a portfolio ahead of self-employment. There is also the opportunity to learn about the application of games technology for commercial purposes other than those solely for entertainment.

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A key first step into the world of Big Data is to understand what it is, why it is different and how it is best managed. This module will introduce Big Data concepts and applications and compare traditional (SQL) to alternative (NoSQL) approaches to data storage and retrieval. In addition to key concepts of data integrity and quality, you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with big data tools.

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In line with fulfilling the needs of the Digital Skills requirements in the Engineering sector, UWE-DETI with its partner companies are organising a free, virtual/online skills and training CPD course. This is to help manufacturing companies and workers visualise the possibilities of the future with digital tools and skills alongside the career pathways required. Thereby creating pathways for training and education to enable digital skills application in the manufacturing sector.

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Join us on 29 November from 16:00 – 20:00 for an unmissable Game Jam at Humanities Exhibition Gallery Space (7 Woodland Road).

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MyWorld is running two three-day Unreal Engine courses- one course will run on 3,4,5 January at Newton Park Campus, Bath Spa University and a second (repeated) course will run on 27 Feb, 28 Feb and 1 Mar at Clifton Campus, University of Bristol.

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