Broadcasters, filmmakers and streaming organisations are commissioning content with increasingly challenging acquisition specifications that extend realities into new hybrid spaces merging the real and the virtual. They demand content capture of faster, smaller, more colourful, darker and generally more immersive spaces.

MyWorld’s Intelligent Content Creation and Production research is addressing these issues, tackling complex problems in motion and volumetric capture, in the creation of digital humans, and in virtual production.

Together, these innovations are capable of making a step change in performance capture and generalisation to enable creation of the next generation of more engaging visual media.

Research Lead: Neill Campbell

Neill is a Royal Society Industry Fellow and works in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bath as Professor of Visual Computing and Machine Learning. He also holds an Honorary Associate Professor position in the Vision and Imaging Science Group in the Department of Computer Science at University College London.

Neill’s main area of research involves learning models of shape (2D and 3D), appearance and dynamics from images. In particular, he’s interested in performing this in an automatic or interactive fashion that allows these technologies to be put to use in a variety of applications without requiring users to have computer vision or graphics expertise.

Neill Campbell Portrait

People Involved

Anonymous AI headshot

Crispian Morris

PhD - University of Bristol

Adrian portrait

Adrian Azzarelli

Doctoral Researcher - University of Bristol

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Adam Hartshorne

PDRA - University of Bath

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Siyuan Gou

PhD - University of Bath

Neill Campbell Portrait

Neill Campbell

Professor, Department of Computer Science - University of Bath

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Obed Samano Abonce

PDRA - University of Bristol

Pui portrait

Pui Anantrasirichai

Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science - University of Bristol

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Murray Evans

Systems Engineer - University of Bath

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Justin Worsey

PDRA - University of Bristol

Wenbin portrait

Wenbin Li

Assistant Professor - University of Bath