Applications are now open for an exciting MyWorld Fellowship opportunity. You will spend ten months working with Bath Spa and Bath’s Fashion Museum.

The Fellow will work in parallel with a second Fellow to be recruited simultaneously. The two Fellows will work on different areas of practice but will work closely with each other as well as MyWorld stakeholders, including Bath’s Fashion Museum and its Dress of the Year Collection.

The key area of research for this Fellowship is the fidelity of fashion asset reproduction in 3D environments. We expect that the successful Fellow will have a background or practice in game design and/or the burgeoning digital fashion sector, and have a working knowledge of digital fashion sector, demonstrable understanding of asset capture, i.e. digitising physical artefacts and interest in the immersive XR sector (i.e. virtual, augmented and extended realities).

As fashion reinvents its marketing, communications, and retail platforms, combined with the potentially disruptive impact of the metaverse, XR, NFTs and digital fashion, there is a major online industry segment rapidly emerging. Initial consultation and planning on the strategic Fashion Museum development has raised an area of important research related to the digitisation of existing assets to 3D environments.

What would an industry leading exploration of the digital representation of existing fashion and fabric assets within immersive environments comprise? What are the affordances, barriers and opportunities when seeking the high-quality translation of archives onto new platforms?

We will award one person £20,000 for ten months at 2.5 days/week embedding yourself within Bath Spa University and the Fashion Museum.

This MyWorld Fellowship is aimed at freelancers, practitioners, industry, and academics who have industry or practice-based experience and are based in the West of England. We invite people to think about these Fellowships as a period of collaborative thinking, innovation and experimentation, applying practice, expertise or relevant experience.

The Fellows will be contracted and paid via the University of Bristol but managed by Watershed and the Fellowship host, Bath Spa in collaboration with Bath’s Fashion Museum. This Fellowship is part of the MyWorld IDEAS programme, funded by UKRI.

The application process:

You are invited to answer five questions on an online form focusing on how you meet the criteria for the Fellowship in residence and eligibility.

Shortlisted applicants will then be invited to interview with members of the MyWorld partnership, Bath Spa and the Fashion Museum Bath.

MyWorld believe our work will be stronger with greater diversity and welcome applications from those who are currently underrepresented in the culture, technology and higher education sectors. We understand that each of us brings our experiences, our backgrounds and our own unique lens to what we do so no one is expected to represent any specific groups.

Fellowship brief

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“The complexity of cloth simulation in order to generate an impression of weight, tactility, flow etc is a very current research area rather than solved problem.”
Sally Ann Houghton, lead on fashion innovation for Epic Games