In early 2024 MyWorld delivered two three day free of charge Introduction to Unreal Engine courses.  The first course took place in January and was hosted at Bath Spa University, followed by a second course delivered in February at the University of Bristol.  A total of 38 learners from the Bristol / Bath region attended these two courses.

The course was developed and delivered by a highly recommended local Unreal Engine trainer, Rob Brooks. Rob provided detailed instruction, covering the essentials needed for an introduction to Unreal Engine.

Over three days, each set of learners were introduced to Unreal Engine to gain the skills to create, edit and export their own projects.

The courses were targeted at those from underrepresented groups in the creative technologies industry, and were well received. Attendees have commented,
"The most valuable parts I learned about were importing assets and textures, creating materials, lighting etc. it was also really interesting to learn about the blueprints/coding as I thought it would be intimidating but it made sense and was rewarding to do."

"A great introduction for a beginner looking to use UE5 for a project that was paced appropriately. Rob was a friendly and helpful facilitator. I feel inspired to use UE5 in a future project."
Anonymised Student