Immersive Technologies Work Experience

As part of a weeklong work experience held at the University of Bristol, MyWorld’s Skills and Training team ran sessions for Year 10 students from underrepresented backgrounds around Immersive Technologies. The students were able to get hands-on with virtual reality headsets experiencing the immersive world and engage in workshop activities that looked at the ethical considerations of future immersive technologies.

The MyWorld Skills and Training team received excellent feedback, including one student who said:

It was an amazing work experience! I really liked that it was hands-on and it was very interactive. Loved it.
Anonymised Student

Grrrls into Games, an Insight into the Games Industry 

The MyWorld Skills and Training team also supported Dr Constance Fleuriot, founder of Grrrl Games to run a week-long ‘Grrrls into Games’ work experience for Year 10 and 11 girls from various local schools.

Through working in collaboration, the girls learnt the basics of game and creative design and were exposed to a variety of tools used throughout the production of games.

Throughout the week, a range of exciting guest speakers from different specialisms engaged with the girls, providing insight into their journey and progression within the games industry. The guest speakers also highlighted other opportunities and explained the next steps for girls who are looking for a route into the exciting world of games.