On Monday 20 March, MyWorld and Digital Catapult hosted a roundtable event to discuss the future of the Metaverse and Web3, with representation from seven different companies and a number of academics from both the University of Bristol and UWE.

The roundtable formed as part of Digital Catapult’s research into the UK ecosystem looking at companies working at the convergence of metaverse and web3 technologies. Using this research, they are mapping the opportunities and challenges of bringing immersive content and applications together with the underlying decentralised and potentially paradigm-changing cryptographic technologies, such as tokens and smart contracts.

The Digital Catapult team have held roundtable discussions and workshops across the UK to inspire thinking around the new business models these technologies promise and to collect data for their research. This research will feed into Digital Catapult’s future activities in the area, with the goal of supporting UK companies to innovate and grow in the decentralised space where web3 meets the metaverse.
Companies involved in the research events have gained insights from their early findings and a methodology with which to innovate around metaverse/web3 concepts and new business models. The research report for these discussions will be published by Digital Catapult in Spring 2023.