Last month, we returned to our “Creative Industries Unlocked” workshops, tailored for Year 12 students and aimed at igniting passion in the creative industry.


The comprehensive six-week programme, led by Rebecca Wallace from the University of Bristol Faculty of Arts Engagement Team and supported by MyWorld, seeks to inspire and enthuse young people from underrepresented backgrounds from colleges and schools across Bristol to consider pathways into and careers in the creative industries.


The first session was led by the dynamic Stacey Olika, Creative Diversity Coordinator at Channel 4. Stacey’s engaging session illuminated the multifaceted roles and skills needed for careers in the creative industries.


Students worked in groups and got to know each other, benefiting from the friendly atmosphere that was created from Stacey’s enthusiastic demeanour. One student commented, “I really enjoyed hearing about someone’s experience within the Creative Industry from their perspective. I learnt a lot more than I originally knew!”


MyWorld fellow Frazer Meakin led another session, at the Watershed, Bristol. The workshop emphasised core skills that are crucial for success in this competitive industry. From innovative thinking to hands-on experimentation, students proved their abilities and stepped out of their comfort zone. Noteworthy was the practical application of their learning, as students put theory into practice crafting wearable musical instruments with conductive paint.


Further enriching the Creative Industries Unlocked programme was a session with Daniel Efergan and Neil Pymer from Aardman animation studios. Under the theme “Stories in new spaces,” students were guided through an enlightening discourse on Dan’s professional journey, underscoring the significance of proactive engagement and networking. Then students moved on to a brainstorming process to create new ideas for games and subsequently brought them to fruition through the use of Lego, pipe-cleaners, pens, paper and of course modelling clay. One student said of the session, “I learnt a lot more about how to extract ideas and form a narrative story, something I am very interested in.”


Some fantastic ideas were generated by this very engaged group who then showcased their work to the whole group in turn before the close of the session. When asked what they enjoyed most about the session, students remarked, “I enjoyed how interactive it was, and the interesting information the presenters talked about.”


MyWorld were delighted to support the Creative Industries Unlocked programme.  It was a privilege to be a part of inspiring the next generation of creatives into their creative career journeys!

“I really enjoyed hearing about Stacey's experience within the Creative Industry from her perspective. I learnt a lot more than I originally knew!”
Anonymised Student