MyWorld were delighted to deliver a 3-day 360 filming training course with a fantastic group from Knowle West Media Centre in February and March.  Led by experienced 360 film-maker Lewis Ball, the course involved learning some of the theory behind the medium of 360 filmmaking but primarily focused on teaching practical skills, tips and tricks in 360 filmmaking and editing.
Course attendees were first able to watch and be inspired by “Coldharbour” a 360 documentary film on which Lewis Ball was Director of Photography, with community partners in Brixton, London.  Attendees at the course used lots of different locations around the Knowle West area to shoot their footage, and the films that they shot and edited during the course made excellent watching with attendees having really utilised the 360 format in very interesting and varied ways.
"This course has encouraged me to go out and make my own 360 film.  My confidence in filming 360 videos grew with each day on the course"
Anonymised Student