This brand new 12m by 3m LED wall will allow CAMERA to develop the next generation of capture and editing tools for media production. After initial success with projects such as ILM’s work on the Mandalorian, there is an increasing demand for virtual production. Access to a state-of-the-art background wall plus movable front lighting walls and ceiling panels will enable work on the next generation of production and visual effects pipelines. CAMERA are particularly interested in generation of the highest quality capture, e.g. recreation of lightfields for lighting accuracy, and to provide the most intuitive creative control for the director, actors and crew.

When using the studio, you will work alongside the six members of CAMERA’s excellent studio team who have long-standing experience across both technical and creative/artistic aspects of the studio. Collaboratively, they will assist with capturing exciting and challenging new datasets or showcasing our research with internationally leading studios and award-winning creative teams (e.g. DNEG and Aardman Animations).