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Puppetry has been a captivating form of art and storytelling for centuries. The artistry of skilled puppeteers, the intricacy of puppet design, and the magic of bringing inanimate objects to life on stage have mesmerized audiences worldwide. The art form has deep cultural roots in various civilizations, from ancient Greece and Rome to traditional Japanese Bunraku, Indonesian Wayang Kulit, and Western marionettes. Over time, puppetry has evolved, incorporating innovative techniques from traditional crafts and developing technologies to form the mix of techniques that bring characters to life in stage shows such as ‘Warhorse’, ‘Book of Dust’ and ‘Life of Pi’ as well as film and television animatronics.

The Convergence of Physical Puppetry and Digital Animation

In recent years, digital animation has revolutionized the entertainment industry. With advancements in computer graphics, motion capture, and artificial intelligence, we are now offered almost endless possibilities for storytelling, characters and visual effects.

Firmly rooted in the enchanting world of physical puppetry, where imagination takes shape through skilled hands and artistry, our goal is to allow artists to blend the tactile appeal of physical characters with the boundless creative potential of digital animation.

Our project aims to achieve this convergence by developing a seamless workflow that allows puppeteers to transition their physical performances into the digital realm while retaining the essence of their artistry, the physicality of the characters and, the key point, the ability of actors, directors and puppet characters to interact and work together in a real world physical space.

The MyWorld Challenge Call

The MyWorld Challenge Call led by Digital Catapult is a prestigious initiative funded by UKRI (UK Research and Innovation) to foster groundbreaking research projects that push the boundaries of creativity and technology. It serves as a platform for visionaries and researchers to explore innovative concepts with the potential to reshape the artistic and entertainment landscape.

In response to the challenge, our team of passionate artists, engineers, and researchers united to propose a project that marries the charm of physical puppetry with the power of digital animation. The proposal captured the imagination of the selection committee, earning the project the necessary funding and support to make this extraordinary vision a reality.

Collaboration and Support from NVIDIA, Digital Catapult and University of Bristol

The success of the MyWorld Challenge Call owes much to the partnership and support of influential industry players. NVIDIA, a global leader in computer graphics and AI technology, recognized the project’s potential to advance the boundaries of animation and storytelling. Their cutting-edge hardware and expertise in AI and motion capture will play a pivotal role in the project’s development.

Digital Catapult, Challenge Call lead, are an organization committed to driving innovation in the creative industries, also recognized the transformative impact of the project. Their technical and creative support, combined with access to a vast network of collaborators, will accelerate the research and facilitate the dissemination of its findings to a broader audience. University of Bristol’s partnership leverages the university’s expertise in arts and technology, the project gains further momentum in its quest to bridge the gap between traditional puppetry and the limitless world of digital creativity.

Project Objectives: Puppets to Pixels

The primary goal of the MyWorld Challenge Call project is to establish a seamless integration between physical puppetry and digital animation. The following objectives outline the path towards this ambitious vision:

1. Motion Capture Integration: Leveraging cutting-edge motion capture technology, the project aims to capture the intricate movements of physical puppets. This approach will ensure that the essence and nuances of puppetry are faithfully transferred to the digital realm.

2. Real-Time Puppeteering: By implementing real-time puppeteering techniques, the research seeks to empower puppeteers to directly control and interact with digital characters. This live performance aspect will imbue digital animation with the spontaneity and authenticity of traditional puppetry.

3. Preserving Artistic Style and Physicality: One of the project’s challenges lies in translating the unique artistic style and materiality of physical puppets into digital characters. At the heart of the system is an approach that allows actors, directors, and puppet characters to collaborate in a shared physical space, akin to working on a live film set. This real-time interaction enables a seamless transfer of physicality and emotive expressions of the puppets and performers to their digital counterparts, bringing the performances directors, actors and puppeteers were part of in the real world into the virtual.

Anticipating the Impact

The successful realization of the MyWorld Challenge Call project could have a profound and lasting impact on both the puppetry and animation industries:

1. Preserving Traditional Puppetry: As the world embraces modernity, traditional art forms risk fading into obscurity. By digitizing puppet performances, this research would ensure that the beauty and cultural significance of puppetry remain accessible to future generations.

2. Enriching Storytelling: The project’s outcomes will empower storytellers and animators to craft narratives beyond the limitations of physical stages, ushering in a new era of imaginative and immersive storytelling experiences.

3. Inspiring Innovation: The seamless integration of puppetry and digital animation will inspire artists to explore new horizons in artistic expression, encouraging cross-disciplinary collaborations that yield unprecedented and innovative creations.

4. Industry Advancements: The research findings and technological breakthroughs are likely to find applications beyond entertainment, potentially benefiting fields such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and human-computer interaction.

The MyWorld Challenge Call is a remarkable testament to the power of collaboration between visionary researchers, industry leaders, and funding agencies. The project’s pursuit of blending physical puppetry with digital animation promises to redefine the possibilities of storytelling and artistic expression. As the curtains rise on this groundbreaking research, the world eagerly awaits the moment when puppets merge with pixels, giving rise to a new era of enchanting narratives and captivating performances.

This exciting vision has been brought to you by the fusion of human storyteller and AI hyperbola engine. We’ll keep our roots in the real world, and update you on progress as things develop…

Blog by The Black Laboratory, Challenge Call project