MyWorld’s innovation investment provides funding to businesses across the creative technology sector enabling them to develop their offerings with reduced risk, ultimately facilitating the creation of new products ahead of the emerging market. 

This innovation investment is accessible through a series of funding calls, facilitated by collaborations between industry and academia, which allow businesses to win access to risk financing to develop new products, prototypes and processes. This enables those businesses engaging in MyWorld innovation investment to develop real-world commercial use cases that have the potential to scale and attract investment. They are further supported with mentoring and training, developing the skills of the existing workforce whilst educating the next and having access to the latest research facilities to ensure they are able to accelerate development and lead the market through their research and development (R&D). 

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People involved

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Christabelle Whyte

Programme Manager - Digital Catapult

Christina portrait

Christina Constantinou

Innovation Coordinator - Digital Catapult

Danielle portrait

Danielle Rose

Network Producer - Watershed

Emma portrait

Emma Boulton

Producer - Watershed

Furaha Asani portrait

Furaha Asani

Research Lead - Watershed

Ilaria portrait

Ilaria Catalano

Innovation Delivery Manager - Digital Catapult

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Isabel Tuxworth-Twist

Innovation Delivery Manager - Digital Catapult

Jenn portrait

Jenn Blackwood

Innovation Delivery Manager - Digital Catapult

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Jo Lansdowne

Executive Producer, Pervasive Media Studio - Watershed

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Martin O’Leary

Creative Technologist - Watershed

Nicola portrait

Nicola Price

Strategic Partnerships & Industry Engagement Manager - Digital Catapult

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Nitika Raja

Project Manager - Digital Catapult

Sarah portrait

Sarah Addezio

Innovation Partner - Digital Catapult

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Vanessa Bellaar Spruijt

Producer - Watershed