360 Filming Session

Image of two women sat behind a 360 camera

Date: Nov 10, 2022

Creative sector

The MyWorld 360 filming training course which ran for three full days from Wednesday  2-  Friday 4 November was very well received by attendees.  Over an intense three-day period, the attendee’s learning journey started with the theory around the medium, experiencing 360 case study pieces in headsets, and getting to grips with the camera setup on day one. The attendees followed a portrait template to shoot their own 360 footage on day two and ended on day three with editing their own 360 production which was then experienced within a virtual reality (VR) headset.  Under the expert tuition of 360 filmmaker Lewis Ball, this pilot course was a great success, and we hope that attendees will go on to utilise their newfound skills and share their expertise in 360 filming with others. 
Below are two attendee testimonials post-event: 
 It was good to be able to discuss theory and examples on the first day, shoot on the second and engage with post-production on day three. Every part was helpful. I had a great time and learnt a lot.

 I would feel confident bringing the cameras into teaching sessions and leading exercises using the cameras. I also would feel confident making my own short films/ r&d/test films now.

We hope to run the course again in the future so if you would be interested in attending a future MyWorld 360 filming training course please email jo.gildersleve@bristol.ac.uk.

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