UWE’s  Research

Creative Technologies Lab (CT Lab) 

Within the Department of Computer Science and Creative Technology, the CT Lab is an interdisciplinary research group that aims to create and evaluate seamless interfaces between people and technology, to enhance human perception and creative expression.

Digital Cultures Research Centre (DCRC) 

Based in Pervasive Media Studio and principally located in the creative industry and cultural studies, DCRC pursues a dynamic research agenda centred on technology, architecture and social sciences through a mix of creative, applied and critical work.

Creative Economies Lab 

Partnered with Watershed, Creative Economies Lab’s research explores how people, places, organisations and things are connected in order to develop a better, more hopeful future for creative work, underpinned by real-world experimentation and critical conceptual enquiry.

Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BLR) 

Formed through the partnership of the University of Bristol and UWE, BLR is a collective of 450 academics, researchers and industry practitioners that together are world leaders in current thinking on service robotics, intelligent autonomous systems and bio-engineering.

University Enterprise Zone (UEZ)

UEZ is a world-class research facility which acts as a space for a thriving community of start-ups, fast-growth businesses, graduate entrepreneurs and cooperative research in the high-tech, robotics, digital and health-tech sectors. 

Bristol Photography 

Based within the School of Creative and Cultural Industries, Bristol Photography Research Group explores broad aspects of the photographic discourse, including photographic methodologies and practices and photographic objects and technologies. The group is convened by Dr Shawn Sobers, Associate Professor of Cultural Interdisciplinary Practice.

Document and Location

Document and Location Research Group investigates how our understanding of place is directly formed through how locations are recorded and subsequently narrated by different disciplines, and how the identity of place is created through its representation.

Moving Image

Co-convened by Dr Mark Bould and Dr Charlotte Crofts, the Moving Image Research Group represents the full range of moving image exploration including in media industries, screen cultures and screen media practice research.

Visual Culture Research Group (VDRG)

The VDRG’s main purpose is to generate new knowledge and innovative methodologies by putting practitioners into conversation with writers. It explores the various strands including visualising histories, life stage research, cultural education and clothing cultures.


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