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MyWorld is an engine of research, development and business growth for the West of England’s creative technology sector. Bringing together our region’s world-leading creative industry sector and globally recognised academic research from our four regional universities, we are producing new knowledge, products and processes to drive sustainable, inclusive growth in business revenues, new job creation and skills opportunities for our region.

In addition to providing funding and world-leading facilities, MyWorld will deliver support through mentoring and training to facilitate the creation of new products and processes ahead of the emerging market, as well as uncover and solve engineering challenges to build the platforms on which future media experiences will be based.

Over the next five years, MyWorld will operate five separate funding mechanisms, led by MyWorld partners, Watershed and Digital Catapult, funded by UK Research and Innovation, Strength in Places Fund. Each with unique target markets, audiences, challenges and outcomes.


    MyWorld Open Calls, led by Digital Catapult

    a person wearing a Virtual Reality headset in an office

    Digital Catapult calls support the next generation of B2B advanced digital technology within the Creative Industries to deliver innovation-led regional growth in the West of England.

    Our Collaborative Research and Development (CR&D) and Challenge Calls will provide opportunities for organisations of all sizes including freelancers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), corporates, communities and academics.

    Projects will need to demonstrate clear advancements in technology and novel applications of existing technology to new and emerging challenges in the creative industries.

    Participants will have access to a range of benefits:

    • World-class mentorship: support from leading industry, business and technical experts
    • Workshops: exclusive workshops that respond to the needs of the participants and the specific call challenge whilst offering shared cohort learnings
    • Network access: get connected to the expertise of the MyWorld and Digital Catapult partner networks.
    • Access to facilities – use of leading labs, facilitates, testbeds and resources to facilitate experimentation and growth

    Collaborative Research and Development Open Call (CR&D)

    £100-200k awards from a pot of £2m.
    Call One open: 25 April- 1 June 2022
    Call Two: June 2023

    Pinpointing local expertise, forging vital connections and providing financial support. 

    CR&D calls are open to industry-led consortia that address the challenges facing creative industries from across the Creative Continuum.

    Each project must demonstrate a high level of ambition to deliver technological advancement and its application to industry challenges. By partnering with research organisations in the region, projects will accelerate the adoption of research and development (R&D) and deliver innovations in the production of media in the UK and beyond.

    Successful applicants will receive £100-200k in grant funding, and will have to provide match funding.

    Innovate UK is delivering this competition on behalf of MyWorld, for details see the Innovation Funding Service

    Challenge Calls

    Up to £50k awarded.
    Call One launch: Autumn 2022
    Call Two: tbc 2024

    Building demonstrations and minimum viable products with relevance to industry challenges

    The Challenge Calls will see your business apply solutions directly to industry. These calls will be open to individual companies and consortia and will support innovation that has potential for imminent real-world application. Each call will focus on a challenge developed in partnership with regional partners and local organisations, and will focus on building demonstrations and minimum viable products that illustrate how your tech solutions can solve creative technology industry challenges.

    Successful projects will receive up to £50k in funding and will be supported by a tailored programme of technical and business support and mentoring.

    The first call will launch in Autumn 2022.

    Register your interest on the Digital Catapult website


    MyWorld IDEAS programme, led by Watershed

    a colourful painting of fish on the ground outside

    Image credit: Jon Aitken

    Supporting small companies with high-risk ideas through community building, research and development and audience engagement locally and internationally.

    The IDEAS programme provides small-medium enterprise businesses, freelancers and the public the opportunity to experiment with new technologies, creating meaningful experiences for audiences. It also offers the opportunity to test and question how these technologies are or could be applied, thereby placing people, arts and culture at the heart of new, innovative technologies.

    The IDEAS programme encourages responsible forms of innovation and actively explores points of crossover and connection.


    3 months/ £2.5k awards

    You will embed yourself within a relevant regional organisation, accessing the wider network around the core MyWorld partnership, whilst working on a co-created research question.

    You will receive residency benefits such as support from Pervasive Media Studio producers and a mentor (where appropriate). You will also have access to a brilliant community of artists, creative companies and researchers, all exploring ideas at the intersection of art, technology and society.

    Micro-Residency calls will launch throughout the next four years.

    Contact: for more information.

    Fellowships in residence

    6 – 10 months/£12 – £20k awards

    You will join as a MyWorld Fellow in residence, embedding yourself within a relevant regional organisation to investigate an associated research theme.

    As a Fellow in residence, you will create work that explores a specific idea connected to a MyWorld research theme and become an active part of an interdisciplinary community.

    Fellowships in residence calls will launch throughout the next four years.

    Contact: for more information.

    Sandbox commissions

    Sandbox 1: Playable City, 6 teams, launching late Spring, early Summer 2022
    Sandbox 2: theme TBC, 6 teams, launching Autumn 2023


    Sandbox is a methodology and facilitated space where you will have the chance to take an experimental idea to a working prototype over three months of rapid research and development. You will become part of a supported cohort embedded in the Pervasive Media Studio for an intensive 3-month period, taking an idea to prototype stage and engaging in an iterative development process throughout the commission by:


    • Accessing a strong peer network
    • Getting support with brokering partnerships for your idea
    • Collaborating with creative technologists
    • Getting support from international advisors and mentors
    • Accessing specialist workshops
    • Getting support with creating an engaging experience for audiences through access to testing opportunities with established audiences

    MyWorld Innovation Funding: The concept behind our approach

    The excellence of the creative cluster across Bristol and Bath is underpinned by a continuum across disciplines and sectors, and across production, delivery and consumption.

    Professor David Bull

    MyWorld Director

    The Creative Continuum

    The research and development framework known as the Creative Continuum sits at the heart of MyWorld.


    an infographic of the Creative Continuum

    It is the Creative Continuum which underpins the programme’s ability to address some of the big creative technology challenges facing the sector. The Creative Continuum comprises of production, delivery and consumption, with investments being made at all levels, from basic interdisciplinary research, through R&D and experimental productions, to pre-production, prototyping and demonstration.

    Alongside targeted research funding, we are running Open Innovation competitions, driven by strategic challenges, which will widen access to R&D funding for businesses and individuals.

    MyWorld’s first five years will lay the foundations for growth and job creation across the West of England, raising the region’s profile on the global stage, yet it is its legacy that will be the real measure of its success.

    MyWorld Innovation Funding Delivery Partners

    link to Digital Catapult MyWorld page
    link to Watershed homepage