Major review of AI in the Creative Industries published


Date: Sep 14, 2021

A comprehensive review of Artificial Intelligence in the Creative industries by MyWorld’s Programme Director, Professor David Bull, and MyWorld Co-Investigator, Dr Pui Anantrasirichai, has been recently published. 

The open-access paper provides an overview of the current state of the art in AI technologies and applications in the context of the creative industries and categorises applications into five groups, based on how they are used: (i) content creation, (ii) information analysis, (iii) content enhancement and post-production workflows, (iv) information extraction and enhancement, and (v) data compression.  

The successes and limitations of this rapidly advancing technology in each of these areas are critically examined by the authors who further differentiate between the use of AI as a creative tool and its potential as a creator in its own right.  

The paper argues that, in the context of creative industries, maximum benefit from AI will be derived where its focus is human-centric—where it is designed to augment, rather than replace, human creativity. 

The paper was produced under the Bristol+Bath Creative R+D clustera partnership designed to improve the performance of the creative industries in the Bristol & Bath region. 

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