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MyWorld is the engine that will drive the creative technology industry in the West of England. It will produce new ideas, products and processes, driving forward the future of media in the UK and beyond.

MyWorld’s Vision

MyWorld will embed a culture of research and development (R&D), at scale, across the creative technology sector in the West of England region. It will do this by sharing facilities and knowledge between academia and industry: providing access to extraordinary facilities and experts.

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Funding Opportunities

As well as funding, MyWorld will deliver support through mentoring and training to facilitate the creation of new products and processes ahead of the emerging market, uncovering and solving engineering challenges, to build the platforms on which future media experiences will be based.

Our Facilities

MyWorld’s state-of-the-art facilities across Bristol and Bath will be made accessible to organisations and individuals for experimental and commercial production as well as research and teaching activity. MyWorld offers a range of production technologies to enable our region’s content producers and research communities to build on their global reputation.

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