Event fees and expenses policy

MyWorld host many activities and events across the year and want to make paying individuals as fair and transparent as possible. Our policy intends to set a precedent for content quality while being supportive of everyone’s circumstances and create an opportunity to encourage new and diverse voices to the MyWorld stage.

This policy refers to the paying of any individual engaged in MyWorld activity, including:

  • Facilitators
  • Speakers and panellists
  • Trainers
  • Focus group participants


Facilitators, Speakers, Panellists and Trainers


Who should be paid

When inviting a person to be involved in an activity or event, consider the capacity in which they have been invited. Is the person being asked to speak, facilitate or provide training about:

  • a project or topic that forms part of their work as an employee of an organisation or;
  • something completely unrelated to their day job?

This will help to determine whether a fee is applicable.

MyWorld will pay:

  • A person presenting in their own capacity, on their own time and not related to an organisation. This includes a person sharing expertise about a project that they are undertaking outside of their usual day job or employed work.
  • Sole In this instance, that person could be turning down other work in order to fulfil the engagement.
  • A person representing a micro-business with a team on the payroll of less than five This would include a limited company, CIC, charity or Co-operative.
  • Professional speakers, trainers and facilitators – a person whose job is solely to provide these services. Note: we would prefer that this option is considered last in order to encourage new and different voices. Professional fees are also likely to be higher.

MyWorld will not pay:

  • A person who will be engaged in MyWorld activity on behalf of an organisation (small business and larger with six or more employees) and is an employee of that organisation. It would be expected that the engagement forms part of their employed role and, as such will be paid through salary.
  • MyWorld partners as part of their work with the
  • A person who does not have the right to work in the That person can provide the service but cannot be paid. Reasonable expenses can, however, be covered.

Anyone who is entitled to a fee, as outlined above, but does not wish to accept it can be ensured that those funds are pushed back into the programme to support other new individuals engaged in the programme, including our skills and training offer.

Appropriate credit should be given on any event listings to those who have declined a fee or who have been identified as not entitled to a fee.

Standard fee

MyWorld will pay £250 per full day of engagement, pro-rata for part-day activity. Preparation time should be included as part of the activity.

For example:

  • Full-day facilitation, plus 1 full day of prep time: £500
  • Half-day facilitation, plus half a day prep time: £250
  • 1-hour speaking slot, plus half a day prep time: £200
  • 1-hour panel discussion, plus half a day prep time: £150

Reasonable expenses will be paid by MyWorld irrespective of a fee. See notes below for further details.

Focus Group Participants

To ensure there is no bias in your research, you should consider paying each participant a nominal fee plus expenses. Our guidance is led by the University of Bristol policy and suggests the following:

Payment of £10 per person per hour

Expenses can be covered as a total of submitted receipts or an agreed up-front sum added to the participant fee. Reasonable expenses are outlined below.

Please be reminded that any research that involve human participants and data should undergo an ethical review before the workshop or focus group is undertaken.


Reasonable expenses

Travel – Economy class for all travel (air, train, bus, etc.) unless a first-class ticket can be found cheaper or, there is a justified reason to travel first class or, the person is willing to pay the difference. MyWorld encourage greener modes of transport where possible but if driving is necessary, mileage will be covered at the standard government rate, currently .45p per mile.

Note: fines for late or non-payment of parking or clean air zone charges will not be reimbursed. Neither will any motoring fines including speeding.

Subsistence – In most instances, food and drink will be provided at a MyWorld event. Where it is not provided or if staying overnight and catering is not included in the accommodation booking, reasonable expenses for food and drink will be covered (alcohol not included) up to a maximum of

£45 per day.

Accommodation – If the timing of the scheduled talk, workshop or engagement makes travel on the same day difficult, MyWorld can cover the cost of a standard double hotel room, including breakfast up to a maximum of £140 (£200 for London). An upgrade is only allowed if that option is cheaper than a standard room at the same hotel, through special offer or similar or, if the person is willing to pay the difference.

The MyWorld Operational team can support with travel and accommodation arrangements, if required. If the person would rather make their own arrangements, costs will need to be approved by the organiser before booking and a copy of the receipts provided by the person when making an expense claim.


How individuals are paid

Fees and expenses should be accounted for in budgets allocated for the event or project. Budgets are tight and therefore, paying individuals may raise a question of affordability. A clear and consistent policy will encourage forward planning and an opportunity to engage a range of people that reflect expertise, diversity and quality.

A person engaged in MyWorld activity can claim fees and expenses by submitting an invoice detailing the fee amount and line by line expenditure. A scanned copy of receipts should be attached to support the invoice claim. Please contact the MyWorld operational team if you require support with processing.

Final notes

The project lead is responsible for making final decision to agree fees and expenses. If unsure, please contact the MyWorld operational team.

Justifiable reasons would include accommodating disability, accessibility or health needs. Detailed travel and expense guidance can be found in appendix 1.


For further guidance or support please contact the MyWorld Operational team – info@myworld- creates.com


Appendix 1 – Detailed expense allowances

Claims should be submitted at the earliest opportunity and no later than 8 weeks after the expense has been incurred.

All expense claims, including mileage claims, should detail the date on which they were incurred and the date of the travel/event if applicable.


– Mileage / fuel / vehicle hire

  • Car mileage at 45p per Passengers at 5p per mile per journey (one supplement regardless of how many passengers). This fee is only applicable where MyWorld would otherwise have paid for the travel costs of the passenger.
  • Claims should include the start and end postcodes, the purpose of the journey, and the dates of travel.
  • The vehicle must be roadworthy, licensed, appropriately insured for business use and, if appropriate, have a valid MOT certificate.
  • Motorcycle mileage at 24p per The same guidance applies as above.
  • Bicycle mileage at 20p per The same guidance applies as above.

Travel (other)

  • Bus and coach fares will be reimbursed
  • Taxis can be used for journeys providing it is more cost effective than other options and appropriate to do so.
  • Oyster and other top up cards – the top up payment itself cannot be claimed however the cost of individual journeys can be claimed but must be evidenced. When claiming include the start and end station, the purpose of the journey and the dates of travel
  • Rail cards or discount travel cards – If the combined cost of the Rail Card and ticket can be evidenced as cheaper than the cost without a card, this will be
  • Parking and toll charges will be reimbursed
  • Fines and motoring offences – fines levied for late or non-payment of clean air zone daily charges cannot be claimed. Nor can motoring offences including speeding or parking fines.

Rail travel

  • For journeys under three hours standard class is expected, unless for disability, accessibility, health or exceptional circumstances
  • First class may be considered for journeys over three hours where it is more comfortable to work.
  • WiFi costs on trains can be reimbursed if used for MyWorld
  • When claiming include the start and end station, the purpose of the journey and the dates of travel

Air travel

  • Travel should be booked as early as possible to take advantage of any reduced advance fares
  • Economy is the expected class of travel for all Higher classes are permitted under specific conditions e.g., to accommodate disability, accessibility or health needs.
  • Seat allocations is an allowable
  • Lost baggage or personal items claims should be submitted through insurance and so, would not be claimed via MyWorld.
  • Please insurance relevant travel insurance is in


    • Maximum rates per night – £140 (£200 in London, £250 rest of the world) for a standard
    • If staying overnight with friends instead a gift for the host of up to £15 can be
    • Additional room services such as mini-bar, newspapers, pay as you go TV or games, toiletries and use of leisure facilities cannot be claimed.
    • WiFi costs can be claimed if used for MyWorld speaking prep, for
    • If there is a need for the person engaged to be accompanied by another individual (for example health or mobility needs), MyWorld will reimburse expenses for Approval must be sought by the project lead prior to any travel bookings relating to the trip being made.

    Food and drink

    • MyWorld will reimburse the actual cost of meals and refreshments up to a cost of £45 per