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Research Centres

Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries (CCCI) 

The CCCI acts as a central point of contact for interdisciplinary research that engages arts, culture, humanities, science, and technology. It was established by Professor Kate Pullinger in 2017, it brings together academics and practitioners from within Bath Spa University and from the regional ecosystem in which it lies.

The Studio at Palace Yard Mews

The Studio is an award-winning co-working hub for enterprise and innovation, providing space for local micro-businesses, students and alumni from Bath Spa University to work on projects that focus on creativity and technology.

The Centre for Media Research

The Centre for Media Research supports socially engaged media research, encouraging today’s social, community and environmental issues to be explored and illustrated through film media and creative computing. It brings together professionals from across the creative ecosystem, as well as those from Sociology, Theatre and Heritage backgrounds.

Research Centre for Transcultural Creativity and Education (TRACE)

TRACE offers an unparalleled contribution to the intercultural map of creativity across the globe. They do this with the continuous goal to enable new knowledge formation that is informed by global cultural differences and varying perspectives on creativity and education. The centre is chaired by Professor of Story Bambo Soyinka.

Art Research Centre (ARC)

Comprised of artists, artistic researchers, makers, curators and critical writers, the ARC has a broad reach across the field of contemporary art practice and theory. They promote the exploration of knowledge production in both material and immaterial forms as a means to understand further human nature, knowledge and experience.


Research Groups

Narrative and Emerging Technology Lab (NET)

NET outputs a large proportion of the frontier exploratory work done in experiential storytelling and audience engagement, including through digital fiction, audio and performance through film, games and immersive media technologies. NET Lab is led by Dr Amy Spencer and Dr Matthew Freeman and is closely linked to a number of major creative partnerships in the South West. 

The Material: Art: Science: Environment: Research (MASER)

Working at the intersection of art and science, MASER is a collaborative project involving Bath Spa University and other major creative hubs including Bristol Experimental Expanded Film (BEEF), University of Brighton and Polar Aspect. MASER works to continuously reconsider and re-evaluate methodologies within the scientific and creative exploratory space to understand how varying approaches fit into day-to-day life and influence society.

Intercultural Communication through Practice

Centralising themes of memory and identity in their determination of how the creative process engages with place, space and time, the Intercultural Communication through Practice Research Group explores how cultural heritage is shared across borders and transmitted through art. The group is co-directed by Dr Mary Stakelum and Dr Omar Yousaf.

Sound Arts and Visual Music research group

This research group centralises the relationships between sound, image and music forged in contemporary practice through new technologies, methods and tools. They analyse and evaluate the definitions of both ‘sound’ and ‘music’ in their relation to each other and on their own.

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