CR&D Awarded Projects 

As part of MyWorld’s Collaborative Research and Development (CR&D) Open Call,  led by Digital Catapult, six projects have been awarded a share of £1 million. The projects represent a mix of early-stage and award-winning companies whose work is steadily gaining momentum. The projects will explore a range of ambitious ideas addressing emerging challenges from across different areas of the Creative Industries. In collaboration with our globally recognised universities in the region the project teams will develop an exciting mix of innovative prototypes. These prototypes will drive cutting edge research and impacting industry which will further fuel the West of England’s creative technology sector and beyond. 

Giant Tactile Robots

(Air Giants in collaboration with University of Bristol)

Air Giants are pairing up with the Bristol Interaction Group, an academic group specialized in the interactions between humans and technology. Bristol Interaction Group will be studying how users interact with their prototypes, looking at the vocabulary of touch and at what emotional power these interactions can have, to let Air Giants understand what these new capabilities can be used for.


Celestial Live

(Celestials Labs in collaboration with Bath Spa University)

Celestial Live is a project that will enable the creation of new drone light shows which astound and amaze audiences. As opposed to current pre-recorded drone animation, Celestial Live will have drones that respond to performers in real-time enabling the expression of their music or dance through an immersive fusion of colour, scale and movement. 

Boyce from Caravan Collective performs at the Metaverse Studio

Cloud Compression for Live Volumetric Video

(Condense Reality in collaboration with University of Bristol)

Condense, is a Bristol-based startup, focusing on the delivery of live immersive experiences to end users.  

This project will look at the novel application of deep learning to efficiently compress live-streamed volumetric video in order to host live music events in the metaverse. The project will make a major contribution to the state of the art in volumetric video delivery and generate a significant impact on a wide range of immersive video applications. 


(Marshmallow Laser Feast and All Seeing Eye in collaboration with UWE)

STREAM (Synchronous Tools for Realtime Experiential Activity Management) this project will develop a suite of tools designed to support the streamlined delivery of co-present and high fidelity XR experiences to mass audiences. This project is developed by Marshmallow Laser Feast, All Seeing Eye and The VR Lab at the Digital Cultures Research Centre, University of the West of England (UWE Bristol).

Digibeat: Immersive Feedback Using Inertial Sensors

(Zero Point Motion in collaboration with UWE)

This project will aim to start a new project on fine motion finger tracking and heart monitoring via ballistocardiography with a single sensor. Through this physiological data, they hope to provide creatives with an insight into the immersion or emotional state of the user. The team is led by Founder and CEO, Dr Lia Li, a 2022 recipient of InnovateUK’s Women in Innovation Award.


(Awarri in collaboration with UWE)

MetaversEngine is a cross-platform avatar system that allows users to commission avatars from 3D artists and uses NFT technology to give users control over their identity, representation, appearance and personal data in virtual worlds. 

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